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Best of 2022

In case you missed an article or twenty, here are the most-read ones of 2022.

A Final Note from UrbanLeap - The most popular, and personal, article of 2022.

Every Startup is a Little Bit Broken - Every startup in existence is broken in multiple ways. Anyone who tells you otherwise about their startup is either delusional, lying, or both.

A New Way to Think About Product-Market Fit - The most popular article from 2021 is still giving a fight.

When Customers Don’t Get It - The shortest summary you will find of the wonderful positioning book Obviously Awesome by April Dunford.

Resisting The Shiny Object Syndrome - The symptoms, the disease, and the cure.

Designing Ultra Fast Engineering Teams - A startup can either fail or ship ultra fast. Here’s how to do the latter.

The Change That Changed Everything - How a single change supercharged product adoption among our government customers.

Unleash Your Gratitude - My wife always tells me “if you think something nice about someone, just say it.”

Why The Best Product Managers Delay Their Intuition - A holiday gift from Daniel Kahneman to all decision-makers out there.

Hire for Hunger - What is hunger, why you can’t settle for it, and how to hire for it systematically?

Master Pianists and 10x Engineers - Most engineers don’t like to hear this.

Source of Truth - A few books that changed me.

Missing the Forest for the Code - The transformation of good engineers into code monkeys.

Raise Your Head Before You’re Dead - A leader’s job is to stop being busy, listen more, and avoid the cliff ahead.

The Bizarre World of Startup Ideas - Stuff that most people get mostly wrong about startup ideas, brought to you in a bizarre Q&A format.

Work-Life Imbalance - Work-life balance is incompatible with startups. But you don’t need it to be happy.

Better by Default - Good defaults are a good way to do the right thing most of the time. These are my favorite ones.

Feel-Good Traps - A feel-good trap is a meaningless and even harmful statement disguised as a positive one.

Endure or Quit? That is the Question - The most decisive entrepreneurial question, and the answer…

Extreme Bootstrap and Extreme VC - Why most startups are extremely problematic.

Debugging Product-Market Fit - Can’t find PMF? Identify why and get unstuck.

Shaping Past Memories - A little trick to improve the memory of your entire life.

Never Lose Momentum - If you optimize for one thing, let it be momentum.

Killer Startup Instincts - The one article I would send to my past self.

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Thank you for reading and see you in 2023!


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